Company Profile:
PharmaTurca is an independent international pharmaceutical wholesaler company we are the largest exporter company which is registered by Ministry Of Health of Turkey in 2004. We supply high quality medical equipment and medicines, providing a wide range of selection with affordable prices and after sales service. Our istanbul based company, ensures pharmaceutical products, parallel imports and healthcare products to wholesalers, international pharmacies, hospitals, third world relief agencies, government medical agencies and private institutions. We provide more than 7.000 prescription medicines, vaccines,drugs OTC products, medical devices and different services in pharmaceutical field, act in global spread.Rx Generic Pharmaceuticals, Rx Brand Pharmaceuticals, Injections, medical/surgical supplies, OTC, healthcare practices, Critical Drug Shortages, Hospital Back Order items, Pharmacies, hospitals, Clinics, Advanced Wound Care, Ostomy, Vaccines, Urological. We handle in both large pharmaceutical projects or small quantities, to fit in with your requirements.

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Established Date: 2004  Tax Office: Atışalanı  Tax Number: 7290542453  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Ahmet BOZDEMİR